We are young professionals from Central Asian countries in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)

Our mission is to strengthen scientific and practical capacities of young professionals and empower youth in the fields of DRR and CCA

We focus on advocacy for DRR and CCA in Central Asia

DACRYN is a member of U-Inspire Alliance of Youth and Young Professionals (YYP) in Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI) for DRR. Alliance includes networks from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan and Philippines.

Advocacy and capacity building of Central Asian youth in addressing Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation is the main focus of the network. Our activities aim at building up and developing the scientific and practical potential of youth, as well as students and young researchers in the areas of DRR and CCA.

  • Сonducting seminars, training courses, workshops in order to strengthen the skills and capacities of students and young professionals;
  • Сarrying out field works and practical exercises for young specialists under the guidance of regional and international experts;
  • Assisting the network members with internship opportunities in local, regional and international organizations in DRR and CCA areas.

The popularization of DRR in higher education is one of the network’s ways to involve young scientists and students to research the natural hazards and propose policies in DRR in Central Asian region. This component aims at the mainstreaming of DRR in higher education and the development of DRR as an interdisciplinary course or module in universities of the region.

  • Strengthening higher education in the field of DRR through the facilitating development and implementation of training modules and courses within existing disciplines;
  • Conducting competitions for students in DRR issues to encourage research in this area and attract young people;
  • To promote the strengthening of cooperation between institutions and agencies in the field of DRR.

Media is the main source of information about disasters to the larger population. Therefore, our work within the third focus aims at close interaction and development of media capacities in the field of communication in DRR, as a tool to improving the preparedness of communities living in disaster-prone regions.

  • Encouraging the media and journalists to cover issues related to DRR;
  • Developing informational and educational materials (booklets, brochures, photo and video materials) to cover DRR issues for the population;
  • In cooperation with UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty, developing of guidelines, training courses and modules for media and journalists on effective coverage of issues related to DRR.